Focus on
your success:

Take the Flexi-Check!

Focus on
your success:

Take the Flexi-Check!

Both the planning, which often lasts several years, and the successful long-term operation of wind turbines are complex tasks that present our customers with (too) many questions: Are bats possibly hunting in the planning area, are birds breeding there - or is there perhaps even a residential area nearby? How can energy losses resulting from protection of species be avoided? How can more green electricity be generated - so that wind turbines operate profitably in the long term and the energy turnaround finally succeeds?

When everything is getting out of hand, it's good to have a competent partner at your side. Someone you can rely on. One who always keeps an overview and helps you to increase the performance of your wind farms. That's exactly who you have found in Fleximaus GmbH.

Planung Windkraftanlagen

Tailwind for planning: So that your project doesn't run out of breath!

Are you planning to build a wind energy plant? You already own a wind farm and are dissatisfied with its energy yield? Are you looking for expert support in operating your systems? Either way, your project is in the best hands with the experts at Fleximaus GmbH. Because in order to be able to respond precisely to your personal needs and site-specific requirements, our work always begins with a comprehensive situation analysis, the Flexi-Check.

How can operations management be simplified? Of course, we will propose sustainable improvement strategies or concrete recommendations for action.

Artenschutz Windpark

Consulting during the approval process

Whether for the protection of bats or birds - in order to be allowed to operate a wind farm, numerous documents must be submitted to the relevant authorities. As part of our site-specific species protection analysis, we not only review the assessments prepared by experts, but also support you in fulfilling conditions relevant to the approval process.

In this context, our species protection experts check whether the assessments available to you are tailored to your wind farm and which solutions promise optimal wind farm operation.

Consulting during operation

As industry experts, we are at your side for all questions relating to the operation of your wind turbines. We analyze the requirements and the implementation of the requirements and check what potential exists. We automate and simplify processes.

We show you how to operate your turbines efficiently and generate more green electricity. Let us contribute together to a climate-friendly, independent and economic energy supply.

Is your wind farm fit for the future?

Find out - with the free Flexi-Check. The experts at Fleximaus GmbH will be happy to advise you.

Comprehensively clever in the wind

No matter in which project phase you are - our specialists for the reliable, legally secure as well as lucrative operation of wind turbines will help you to achieve your goals. You can benefit from our many years of experience, too!


Wind farm optimization

Are you satisfied with the yield of your wind farm? The experts at Fleximaus GmbH help operators, technical managers and project planners to increase the productivity of both existing and new plants.


Reduction of energy losses

Would you like to know how species protection regulations affect the downtimes and thus the energy yield of your wind farm? Whether already before construction or during operation - we precisely estimate the future operating behavior of your turbines.


Monitoring & Documentation >

As a wind farm operator, you face countless challenges every day. With our specially developed system for both legally compliant and efficient operational management, we take some of this burden off your shoulders.

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Are you planning to build a wind energy plant? Or do you already own a wind farm and are dissatisfied with its yield? The experts from Fleximaus GmbH in Schillingsfürst accompany operators, technical managers as well as project developers from the very beginning – from consulting to optimisation. Call, write an e-mail or use the contact form: we look forward to hearing from you!

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