Our mission:

a profitable energy turnaround

Our mission:

a profitable energy turnaround

Living with affordable and clean wind power should be possible everywhere. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of promoting the switch to renewable energies.

With the help of our intelligent software, we want to reconcile economic goals and ecological requirements, get people excited about wind energy, make the work of technical managers easier, and perhaps take the wind out of the sails of uninformed critics. So that more and more wind farms are built-up and the energy turnaround succeeds for the benefit of all.

Windkraftanlage Schillingsfürst

Trailblazer. Conflict Solver. Partner.
Wind is one of the energy sources of the future

Objectively speaking, we show our customers how they can make better use of the unlimited power of the wind. In fact, we see ourselves as conflict resolvers. We clarify issues, dispel prejudices and are committed to taking a wide range of needs into account when it comes to sustainable electricity generation from wind turbines:

Betriebsführung Windenergie


Wind energy pays off. In two ways. On the one hand, when it comes to conserving valuable resources and leaving our children a world worth living in.

On the other hand, financially - if it is used optimally. We have developed software that helps wind farm operators, technical managers or project developers to get the most out of their turbines.


With Fleximaus, we turn every wind turbine into a profitable biodiversity wind turbine: After all, our algorithm is capable of both taking over the complete implementation of permit-relevant shutdowns and increasing the productivity of wind turbines by reducing stop hours.

In principle, the Fleximaus can also protect animals endangered by climate change, such as polar bears: Because the more economical wind energy becomes, the more climate-damaging coal-fired power plants disappear from the scene.

Vogelschutz Windpark
Windkraft Umweltschutz


Climate change requires a rapid rethink: Renewable energy sources such as wind energy play an important role in this context. After all, a modern wind turbine generates more than ten gigawatt hours of electricity per year, equivalent to the consumption of around 3,500 households. Thanks to Fleximaus, it is possible to build-up wind turbines almost anywhere, thus significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Would you like to learn more about our mission?

Our experts will be happy to show you how we solve the conflict between wind energy and species protection in a profitable way.

From our own experience, we know all the requirements that wind farm operators and technical managers place on us. And it is this experience that gives us the know-how to offer our customers intelligent solutions. Get to know the team that is committed to the economic success of your wind projects every day!

Are you tired of being a small cog in the wheel of anonymous corporations - but want to make a difference? Then you are a perfect fit for us. Fleximaus GmbH is always looking for people who are enthusiastic about our values and want to take on exciting tasks.

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Are you planning to build a wind energy plant? Or do you already own a wind farm and are dissatisfied with its yield? The experts from Fleximaus GmbH in Schillingsfürst accompany operators, technical managers as well as project developers from the very beginning – from consulting to optimisation. Call, write an e-mail or use the contact form: we look forward to hearing from you!

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