automated bird protection for your wind farm

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to reliably implement shutdowns that are relevant for approval? FlexiBird is the ideal solution for operators, technical managers and project developers of wind turbines. Developed by our experts FlexiBird automates and simplifies bird protection for your wind farm. In doing so, the farming of affected fields or grasslands around the wind turbine is detected and reported in a cost-effective manner. Always with the aim of complying with all regulations and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Your advantages

  • Plannable and transparent costs
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Significant reduction in workload
  • Proven system
  • Complete function monitoring

Shutdown after mowing? You can rely on FlexiBird!

If the areas around your wind farm are mowed, the turbines must be shut down afterwards for site-specific periods to protect hunting birds. The technical management of the wind farm bears the responsibility for a proper shutdown - but is dependent on the notification of the farmer.

After all, the operator or the technical management do not know when mowing is due. If the farmer does not report, whether for financial or time reasons, the operator is in violation of the legal regulations for bird protection, which can result in the withdrawal of the operation permit.

You would like to integrate FlexiBird into your wind farm?

With FlexiBird you always keep track:

This is how our intelligent bird protection works

FlexiBird is a manufacturer-independent system that can be used in both new and existing wind farms. A camera monitors the fields around a wind turbine: if it detects movement - for example, a tractor driving onto the adjacent area - the smart software sends the image of the detected object by e-mail to the operator. The operator can then switch off the wind turbine without having to wait for a message from the farmer.


Still unsure?

Put FlexiBird to the test and install our system for a one-year trial!

All-round clever in the wind:

Return on investment & species protection work together

Our solutions for all relevant specifications guarantee absolute reliability and maximum performance. You simply select the software modules you need and we accompany your project - from start to success.



Die clevere Fleximaus passt sich an die individuellen Gegebenheiten Ihres neuen oder bestehenden Windparks an und gewährleistet einen zuverlässigen, wirtschaftlichen sowie genehmigungskonformen, weil fledermausfreundlichen Betrieb.

Bird protection

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Our smart system takes over the reliable implementation of permit-relevant requirements for bird protection for you: elaborate specifications are implemented automatically, event-dependent stops can be activated very easily.

Shadow switch-off

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If mandatory shadow times are exceeded, operators must limit the running time of their rotors. The Fleximaus automatically takes care of this shadow switch-off of wind turbines for you. And it is precisely this shadow shutdown of wind turbines that Fleximaus automatically takes care of for you. Without causing unnecessary downtimes or shutting down too late.

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