instead of downtime:

simulations for a profitable future

instead of downtime:

simulations for a profitable future

Would you like to know how various species protection regulations affect the downtimes and thus the energy yield of your wind farm? Then contact the experts of Fleximaus GmbH!

No matter whether before construction or during operation - we precisely estimate the future operating behavior of your wind turbines and test various algorithms.

Thanks to our calculations, you are already in a position to recognize possible opportunities or risks for the future development of your wind farms and thus to operate them successfully in the long term.

Berechnung Stillstandzeiten Windpark

Maximum yields, maximum security

With the Flexi-Check you can counteract possible energy losses at an early stage.

Always one step ahead: Precise calculations for the success of your wind farm

Every wind farm is different: The first is located in an area frequently visited by bats; the second near a residential area; and the third is frequently visited by birds. And that is precisely why our calculations of possible downtimes take into account a wide range of factors - starting with regional specifications on species protection, through wind speeds at the planned site, to reference values from other sites (if available).

Based on existing comparative data, our simulations, which are adapted to the customer-specific conditions on site, illustrate at an early planning stage which downtimes, i.e. energy losses, you could face due to species protection. We will also be happy to show you ways of reducing these energy losses and achieving optimum results with existing or future wind turbines by installing Fleximaus

kWh additional yields per year

tonnes of CO2 saved per year


managed wind turbines

Are you interested in a calculation of possible downtimes?

The experts at Fleximaus GmbH will show you how various species protection requirements could affect the energy yield of your wind farm.

Comprehensively clever in the wind

No matter in which project phase you are - our specialists for the reliable, legally compliant as well as economic operation of wind turbines will help you to achieve your goals. You can benefit from our many years of experience, too!


Monitoring & Documentation >

As a wind farm operator, you face countless challenges every day. With our specially developed system for both legally compliant and efficient operational management, we take some of this burden off your shoulders.


Consulting & Simulation >

Are you planning to build a wind farm? Let us accompany you on your way! We can evaluate conditions relevant for approval and show you individual possibilities for optimization already in the planning phase.


Wind farm optimization

Are you satisfied with the yield of your wind farm? The experts at Fleximaus GmbH help operators, technical managers and project planners to increase the productivity of both existing and new plants.

Contact Fleximaus GmbH

Are you planning to build a wind energy plant? Or do you already own a wind farm and are dissatisfied with its yield? The experts from Fleximaus GmbH in Schillingsfürst accompany operators, technical managers as well as project developers from the very beginning – from consulting to optimisation. Call, write an e-mail or use the contact form: we look forward to hearing from you!

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