bird protection on wind turbin


bird protection on wind turbin

Would you like to reliably implement bird protection in your wind farm? And increase the performance of your turbines at the same time? With Fleximaus, you have a strong and experienced partner at your side: our smart system resolves the conflict between wind energy and bird protection by reconciling economy and ecology. Our optimization software is the first system to offer the option of linking blanket shutdown times for bird protection with environmental parameters - an important step on the way to a successful energy transition. We also offer the necessary technology to reliably detect agricultural work in the fields around a wind turbine.

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Powerful wind turbines and effective bird protection? Fleximaus, the clever conflict solving solution!

Before building a wind turbine, wind farm operators are obliged to prepare comprehensive expert reports and submit them to the authorities. These must show how frequently occurring bird species such as the skylark, the buzzard or the starling - but also strictly protected creatures such as the red kite or the eagle owl - are to be protected from danger. Our intelligent system takes care of the reliable implementation of shutdowns that are relevant for approval.

With Fleximaus on the legally secure side

For effective bird protection at wind turbines, Fleximaus offers various operating modes: these can either be programmed rigidly on an annual basis or flexibly adapted to the farming work in the wind farm area via our website. This gives operators and managers the opportunity to meet the individual conditions in the park as well as to fully comply with the requirements of the building permit.

  • Complex specifications with many environmental parameters are implemented automatically.
  • Specifications with energy quotas can be programmed for the whole wind farm or separately for each turbine.
  • Event-dependent stops (the so-called mowing shutdown) can be activated very easily and implemented automatically.

With our tractor detection, we make it easier for the technical management to comply with the shutdown during farming events (-> FlexiBird).


From a normal wind turbine to the species protection wind turbine: This is how bird protection at wind turbines works today

The mowing shutdown is one of the best-known methods of bird protection at wind turbines. Thanks to Fleximaus, this can be activated and fully monitored with just a few clicks. This saves operators, managers and manufacturers unnecessary phone calls and time-consuming checks. This solution for bird protection is already included in the German Federal Nature Conservation Act since 2023 and can therefore be officially used at all wind farms.

In addition, our system determines the current environmental conditions at the wind farm (this includes the wind speed, the outside temperature, the rainfall or the degree of coverage). This makes it possible to link the environmental data with the shutdowns for bird protection, if this is permitted or required by the relevant authorities.

Of course, our optimization system always keeps you up to date: Wind farm operators can track the environmental conditions prevailing at the wind turbine as well as shutdowns made at any time on different digital devices.

Still unsure?

Put the Fleximaus to the test and install our optimization system for a one-year trial!

Optimally positioned in every situation:
Optional extensions for bird protection on the wind turbine.

If you decide in favor of the Fleximaus, you will benefit from a legally compliant optimization system with unlimited expansion options.


  • Smart mowing shutdown via website
  • Annual fixed shutdowns if required
  • Weather-dependent adjustment of the shutdown time for more green energy output
  • FlexiBird with automated tractor detection

Bird protection smart - FlexiBird

Developed by our experts FlexiBird automates and simplifies bird protection for your wind farm. In doing so, the farming of affected fields or grasslands around the wind turbine is detected and reported in a cost-effective manner.


The system can be used with wind turbine manufacturers Vestas, Enercon, GE, Vensys and on Max Bögl wind turbine towers.

Comprehensively clever in the wind:

Yield & species protection work togehter

Do you want to achieve optimum energy yields and at the same time implement all specifications in a legally compliant manner? Our software guarantees reliable results: Simply select the modules that meet your requirements and we will accompany your project from start to success.

Bat protection
and wind turbines


The smart Fleximaus system adapts to the individual conditions of your new or existing wind farm and ensures reliable, economic and approval-compliant operation because Fleximaus knows to use local bat-friendly algorithms.

Shadow switch-off

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If mandatory shadow times are exceeded, operators must limit the running time of their rotors. The Fleximaus automatically takes care of this shadow switch-off of wind turbines for you. And it is precisely this shadow shutdown of wind turbines that Fleximaus automatically takes care of for you. Without causing unnecessary downtimes or shutting down too late.

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