Intelligent shutdown of wind energy plants

Fleximaus was developed to protect native bats from damage caused by wind energy plants and to keep losses for park operators in check.

Today, our intelligent software, which flexibly adapts to the parameters of the respective wind farm, can do a lot more: for example, solve bird protection in a smart way or resolve individual shading times – in fact, take over the complete implementation of shutdowns of wind energy plants that are relevant to approval.

Planung Windkraftanlagen

Automatic. Location-specific. Reliable. |  Profitable for nature and operators.

  • Flexible location adaptation
  • shutdowns that are relevant to approval
  • Reduction of unnecessary downtimes, enormous yield increase
  • Minimisation of the system load
  • Clear evaluation and comprehensive documentation
  • Significant workload reduction for operators and managers
  • Standstill monitoring (keyword TR-10)
  • Suitable for all common wind energy plants
  • Full service from an annual fee of € 565

In total, wind energy plants at locations in southern Germany operate around four percent more efficiently thanks to Fleximaus, because they are no longer shut down blanketly – but only when they really need to be.

Through clever optimisations for your wind farm, we increase the yield.

Very important: this is done without reducing species protection in the wind farm!

Are you satisfied with the return on your wind farm?

Find out which energy potentials are also slumbering in your plants!

Facts & figures | How Fleximaus works

According to your specifications, Fleximaus measures numerous environmental parameters relevant to your personal wind farm and compares these, for example, with the probable flight behaviour of bats or birds for this location. Your wind energy plant will only be stopped if the shutdown actually serves to protect the animals: namely during periods of presumably high activity.

Our intelligent system stops the affected rotors within 20 to 60 seconds and / or gets them going again after a few minutes. In phases with demonstrably little or no activity, the algorithm simply continues to operate the wind energy plants. In this way, you realise maximum operating times - even if there is no internet connection, Fleximaus continues to work for you in the wind farm.

Of course, our optimisation system keeps you up to date on all steps: wind farm operators can monitor the prevailing conditions at the wind turbine in real time from different end devices and can also track shutdowns that have been carried out at any time using clear displays.


kWh additional yields per year

tonnes of CO2 saved per year


wind energy plants under management

Still unsure?

Put Fleximaus to the test and install our optimisation system for a one-year trial!

Features & advantages | What makes Fleximaus stand out from the crowd

Comply with requirements, extend operating hours: we take care of the reliable implementation and transparent documentation of shutdowns that are relevant to approval and reduce unnecessary downtimes in your wind farm at the same time.

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Germany is versatile: the north and south, for example, are characterised by rainy summers, while the east has a rather dry and mild climate. And because animals behave just as differently as the weather in the individual regions, we have developed intelligent software that can respond flexibly to these location-specific conditions. Whether you operate just one wind turbine in Bavaria or several farms in Lower Saxony – our manufacturer-independent system can be retrofitted to existing wind energy plants as well as used in new buildings from all well-known producers (Vestas, Enercon, Nordex, Vensys, Leitwind, Senvion or GE).

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What distinguishes our software from other systems? A particularly quick perception: the Speedy Gonzales of optimisation systems is capable of retrieving and evaluating a wide range of environmental data in no time at all (every minute or ten minutes), and of connecting to various real-time recording systems such as cameras. In addition, Fleximaus also brings its own environmental sensors to sensitise the shutdowns. Subsequently, our software provides you with all recorded measured values for the shutdown of your wind energy plants – so you can track the actual prevailing conditions at the rotor at any time. Whether you are on the road, in the office or at home.

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Abschaltung Windenergieanlagen


Our team constantly checks the functionality of Fleximaus from A to Z: regardless of whether a sensor has failed or the system is no longer connected to the wind farm – our software reports any technical malfunction immediately so that expert service staff can usually rectify the fault immediately via remote maintenance. The system is monitored via secure as well as encrypted connections provided by a German data centre. For data protection reasons, individual wind farm operators do not have access to the server managed by Fleximaus GmbH – after all, customer-specific events, stop commands or environmental data are registered there.

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Legally secure

Fleximaus guarantees the legally compliant implementation of all specifications of the approval notice. Wind farm operators can easily prove compliance with the shutdown conditions – so that there is no prohibition due to missing or incorrect shutdowns. You will also receive a complete system description from us with all the functions of Fleximaus – you can already refer to this for the approval of your wind farm in order to show the responsible authority how you would like to meet the necessary operating requirements in the future.

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Reliable detection of rain intensity, measurement of the real outdoor temperature, precise determination of humidity: all this and much more is made possible by our system with the help of a number of interfaces – because both external environmental sensors and detection systems such as cameras, which will only be approved in the future, can be integrated into these. Fleximaus thus grows continuously and is therefore able to implement shutdown routines changed by new specifications in no time at all. Of course, we not only automatically check data collected by our software for plausibility, but also data provided to us by external systems.

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High quality

The high-quality housing of Fleximaus reliably protects the modern industrial PC (on which all programmes for location-specific shutdown are installed) from external influences. It is available in two sizes (40 x 40 x 20 cm or 30 x 30 x 20 cm) and can be mounted using screws or magnets. The robust casing contains a 230 V supply line, which is connected in the wind turbine and / or in the station – the power supply must be permanently provided on site.

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Simple is a digital platform for wind farm operators. We have developed it to make operational management of wind farms that is compliant with species protection easier for you. At, you have the option of specifying both stop targets linked to various environmental parameters and event-oriented stop targets (such as mowing shutdown or further bird protection shutdowns) for each individual wind energy plant.

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Guaranteed trustworthy.

Many well-known manufacturers already trust Fleximaus.

This means for you:
the guarantee remains intact.




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GE Renewable Energy

Comprehensively clever in the wind:

operation of wind turbines in compliance with species protection

We take over the following shutdowns of wind turbines, that are relevant to approval, in their entirety for you:
our “custom-programmed” software modules make it possible!

Bat shutdown >

Clever Fleximaus adapts to the individual conditions of your new or existing wind farm and ensures reliable, economical as well as legally compliant operation because it is bat-friendly.

Bird protection >

Our smart system reliably takes care of the implementation of bird protection requirements that are relevant to approval: complex specifications are implemented automatically, event-dependent stops can be activated very easily.

Shadow shutdown >

If mandatory shading times are exceeded, operators must limit the running time of their rotors. Fleximaus automatically takes care of this shadow shutdown of wind energy plants for you.

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