Our solutions
in action

- for your success

Our solutions
in action

- for your success

We see ourselves less as a service provider for our customers than as a reliable partner and long-term companion. Our comprehensive consulting expertise, our passion for new technologies and our needs-oriented approach have already convinced numerous wind farm operators and investors. We would like to share some of these success stories with you.

Added value for all involved

An operator of citizen wind farms in Bavaria gave us the opportunity to evaluate the yield data of two wind farms. There have been two distinct advantages for the two citizen wind farms following the successful retrofit of the Fleximaus. The technical management does not have to argue a lack of shutdowns to the authority and thus saves enormous support effort and the revenue losses for the annual bat protection have been significantly reduced in the wind farms.

Complete function monitoring

The permanent functional monitoring of the Fleximaus ensures that bat protection is fully complied with, as we monitor the wind turbines we manage. If a wind turbine does not stop, even though the bats need to be protected by the stop, this is reported and the Fleximaus team can inform the manufacturer or management. If it is not possible to start a turbine, the relevant departments are also informed immediately.

Yield increase through wind farm optimization

Our system implements the regionally varying and site-specific specifications for the protection of bats in the wind farm. These were determined by experts and coordinated with the respective responsible authority. After Fleximaus implements the species protection requirements, each wind turbine can generate approximately 100,000 kWh more green electricity. This is an added value for the civil society of annually > 10,000 € per WT at current electricity prices.

Green electricity with a clear conscience

Fleximaus achieves a significant optimization of your wind farm with the specially developed solutions for the implementation of species protection requirements. By optimizing through our software, more cheap electricity can be produced.

Team Fleximaus GmbH

Successfully added two new wind turbine manufacturers to the portfolio

In 2022, Fleximaus equipped wind farms from the German manufacturer eno-energy and the Italian wind turbine producer Leitwind with the optimized bat protection and shadow shutdown for the first time. With this, we are once again expanding our portfolio of available interfaces for you as an operator.

All operators can benefit from reliable species protection while avoiding unnecessary downtime by retrofitting or using the Fleximaus directly from commissioning.


A plus of €13,000 per year for a wind farm in Saxony-Anhalt

By using the Fleximaus, the bats in our example are now protected in a targeted and effective way from the fast rotor blades and the operator has demonstrably more than 13,000 € higher income every year than with unnecessarily high shutdown requirements.

For years, authorities, bat experts and operators discussed an usful concept to protect bats in a wind farm northwest of Halle (Saale).

At first there was no solution and the bats were not protected. Then, due to faulty surveys, extreme shutdown requirements were established, which led to the wind farm becoming uneconomical. Due to this discussion, nothing happened for several years.

The team of Fleximaus GmbH restarted and fully supervised a new bat survey. Through a clever implementation of the switch-off requirements, which were determined according to the latest scientific research, with Fleximaus, the economic operation of the wind farm and the necessary species protection are now compatible.



Still questions or already convinced?

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