for shadow shutdown of wind farms


for shadow shutdown of wind farms

To protect residents from stress-inducing cast shadows, every wind turbine must undergo a special shadow cast analysis before construction. This includes determining the potential shadow cast on inhabited houses or gardens: If mandatory shading times are exceeded, operators must limit the running time of their rotors during the relevant periods. And Fleximaus automatically takes care of this shading shutdown of wind turbines for you. Without causing unnecessary downtimes or shutting down too late.

Your advantages

  • Plannable and transparent costs
  • Significant reduction in workload
  • Proven system
  • Calculating a shutdown concept for your wind farm

Individual shadow shutdown for different wind turbines

In order to obtain permission to build a wind farm, you need an expert opinion describing which turbine is to be shut down on which day at what time of day. The shutdown times result from the affected immission points (IO), which must be precisely measured and checked. A place of immission can be a wall of a house with windows, a balcony or a garden of a building that is at least temporarily inhabited.

Following the determination of the locations, types and heights of the turbines, as well as the exact measurement of the IOs, the actual shading periods adapted to the terrain can be determined. You will receive from our experts a concept individually tailored to your wind farm - this regulates which wind turbines require shadow shutdown and also includes an exact shutdown calendar for each wind turbine.

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Less is more:

This is how our intelligent shadow solution works

Once the period of possible shading has been reached, the Fleximaus uses sensors to determine the current position of the Solar radiation on the ground and sends a signal after exceeding the freely definable brightness values (from 10,000 lux with overcast skies up to around 150,000 lux when the sky is clear at noon) a command to the central server in the wind farm – the corresponding rotors are stopped. This check is carried out every minute, so that no shutdown occurs too late or unnecessary downtimes occur. With the Fleximaus sensor, shutdown times are reduced because no shadows are cast by the wind turbine when the solar radiation is low.


Still unsure?

Put the Fleximaus to the test and install our optimization system for a one-year trial!

Optimally positioned in every situation:

Optional sensors for shadow shut-downs

If you decide in favor of the Fleximaus, you will benefit from a legally compliant optimization system with unlimited expansion options.

Brightness detector

To determine the shadow cast, the brightness [lux] [Lux] in the wind farm must be detected. This keeps your rotors in motion when the sun is not shining and no shadow casting from the wind turbine is possible.

Comprehensively clever in the wind:

Yield & species protection work togehter

Our solutions for all relevant specifications guarantee absolute reliability and maximum performance. You simply select the software modules you need and we accompany your project - from start to success.

Bat protection
and wind turbines


The smart Fleximaus system adapts to the individual conditions of your new or existing wind farm and ensures reliable, economic and approval-compliant operation because Fleximaus knows to use local bat-friendly algorithms.

Bird protection

Our solutions >>

Our smart system takes over the reliable implementation of permit-relevant requirements for bird protection for you: elaborate specifications are implemented automatically, event-dependent stops can be activated very easily.

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